As a young girl animals were always a huge part of my life. Horses, dogs and anything else I could get my parents to allow in the house. Because my passion was so deep for animals, I attended UC Davis as an undergraduate in Animal Science. After graduating in 2002, I become a full time veterinary technician. I love every aspect of my job, but mostly I loved being surrounding by the animals.

After deciding on starting a family, I began working at home as a transcriptionist. I loved having a flexible schedule and being able to snuggle my babies at any time. As my kids grew up I went back to the veterinary field and worked as a receptionist just to be surrounding by animals again. It was shortly after that time I decided I wanted to work with animals a new level and why not enjoy their company when they are happy and enthralled to see me, I mean I am no longer poking or working on them, I am talking on their beloved walks and playing fetch; so much better to see them smiling.

As I said I am an avid animal lover and have adopted four furry friends of my own. I share two dogs and two cats with my family. One of our cats is a bit on the complicated side and requires a special diet, so if you have special needs pets, just rescued and needs a little extra love and attention pets or a senior, I am your gal.